Quail eggs are approx 3-4 cm and around ⅓ the size of a chicken egg.

Coturnix coturnix

Eggs are used in all sorts of recipes from cold served dishes to hot dishes. They can be served by themselves, as part of a dish or in a dish. Eggs can be boiled, fried, poached or baked. 

The ginger roots (rhizom) is the part mostly being used for cooking. The peel is beige and browinsh and the root itself is light yellow. 

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Five spice consists of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, fennel and star anise. There are a lot of varieties of spice blends for five spice which includes more than the 5 mentioned spices.

Nutmeg has a sweet and aromatic taste and can be bought as whole nutmeg, grounded nutmeg or grounded mace. The mace is the seed covering and the nutmeg itself is the seed inside the shell. The shelf lfe for whole nutmegs are long since they a ...

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